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EPS power products help China's first smart Expressway - Zhe
Recently, the first section of Zhejiang Hangzhou shaotai expressway was officially opened to traffic, 3 months ahead of the original plan. Hangzhou shaotai expressway is the first in Zhejiang's history
An open smart highway is also the country's first full architecture smart highway: accurate judgment of all-weather abnormal events and full real-time
Road information sharing, full coverage, high-precision positioning, greening and energy application of all sections, etc.

Hangzhou Shaoxing Taizhou expressway is the largest single investment project in the transportation "12th Five Year Plan" of Zhejiang Province, and it is also the largest foundation in Shaoxing's history
Facility project. Experts agreed that Hangzhou shaotai expressway is one of the most difficult projects in Zhejiang Province, with "the most in ten provinces".
The project starts from Qixian hub where the South connection of Qianjiang channel intersects Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway, and ends at Kuo Cang hub, which is connected with Taijin expressway, with a total length of about 160.7 meters
Kilometers. Shaoxing Jinhua section is organized and implemented by Shaoxing City, with a length of 115.4 km. The first section opened to traffic starts from Shaozhu expressway
The intersecting Jianhu hub is finally located at jingling interchange in Jingling Town, Xinchang County, with a total length of about 67 kilometers. The completion of the project is beneficial to the expansion of Hangzhou Bay area
We will deepen and improve the expressway network in Zhejiang, smooth the north-south traffic, enhance the traffic function of Shaoxing hub, and drive the traffic along the line and surrounding areas
Effective investment, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting coordinated economic and social development are of great significance

Hangzhou shaotai expressway is a "smart expressway", "ecological beauty road" and "benefiting the people and getting rich road". Hangzhou shaotai expressway was closed in March 2019
Zhejiang Provincial Department of transportation is listed as the provincial smart Expressway pilot project. The first section just opened is "the first intelligent Expressway opened in the province"
"China's first intelligent Expressway with complete architecture" and "China's first expressway with road level intelligent management collaboration platform". This wisdom
With the construction mode of "1 + n", Hui expressway has built "smart tunnel", "smart service area", "quasi all-weather access" and "vehicle road Association"
Four characteristic scenes with "Tong" as the core. Based on the "new", the project collects and integrates the original information resources through the construction of wisdom
High speed cloud platform, build intelligent infrastructure, cooperate to build 5g infrastructure, build road information interaction platform, etc
Break through the information bottleneck between different platforms.