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Yitong technology helps the smooth completion of Tarim Oilfield optical storage power station!

Yitong technology helps the smooth completion of Tarim Oilfield optical storage power station!


Project background

1. project location: Tarim Oilfield, Taklimakan Desert, Xinjiang

2. installation time: June 2022

3. power status: no mains supply

4. application scenario: power supply for natural gas gathering and transmission well equipment

Specific items

Tarim Oilfield is located in the desert. The local sunshine conditions are very good, and there are very few rainy days throughout the year. Natural gas gathering and transmission well equipment has become difficult without mains power input. Through field investigation, epend new energy technology has put forward the most reasonable photovoltaic solution for Tarim Oilfield;

 System configuration

1. PV module: total power 20kw

2. inverter: one power frequency off grid inverter 10kw

3. solar charging controller: 2 sets of eton-96100

4. battery: 96V 1000ah

 Project implementation

Considering that there are many sandstorms in the local area, the solar panels are installed in a 40 ° inclined manner to avoid the impact of solar panels on power generation efficiency due to dust accumulation;

                                                     Photovoltaic solar panel



                                              Photovoltaic energy storage container


PV energy storage container

Parallel charging eton-96100 series MPPT controller charging controller;

The controller is equipped with 4G remote monitoring module, and the operation and maintenance personnel can use wechat applet or PC web page to realize the remote monitoring of the whole system;


Battery + off grid inverter

 In recent years, the application of photovoltaic energy storage in China has developed rapidly, and the industry has shown a good development trend. On the road of energy transformation and development with the overall goal of clean and low-carbon, we have developed the extensive use of new energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation.

Photovoltaic off grid energy storage has unique advantages in improving the flexibility, security and stability of electricity use in areas without electricity, and improving renewable energy energy storage. It has great development opportunities in the future.

Main applications of photovoltaic off grid energy storage:

Shenzhen Yitong Technology

It has been focusing on the R & D and production of MPPT controller for off grid photovoltaic power generation system

And photovoltaic off grid system solutions and customized services