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3500W rack type split air conditioner

1. Product introduction [Click to download detailed instructions]

The product is a rack type split frequency conversion air conditioner, which uses an intelligent controller to automatically operate and adjust the speed of the compressor and fan according to the change of ambient temperature, and adjust the speed output of the compressor and fan according to the indoor ambient temperature, which can achieve more than 30% energy-saving effect in the normal operation of the air conditioner.


2. Application fields: communication, industry, electric power, radio and television, finance, education, etc

3. Characteristics

3.1 high efficiency and energy saving

·The design of large air volume and small enthalpy difference is suitable for the heat dissipation characteristics of the main equipment in the machine room, and provides a continuous and stable temperature and humidity environment for the main equipment.

·High sensible heat ratio, high energy efficiency refrigeration system design, using DC variable frequency compressor!

·The outdoor fan adopts stepless full speed regulation control to ensure healthier, more energy-saving and lower noise operation of the system.

3.2 strong adaptability

·It is designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, with long service life, high stability and low maintenance.

·Ultra wide input voltage range and multiple power protection functions.

·19 inch rack installation, compact structure, saving rack space in the cabinet, and more equipment can be arranged.