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Off grid photovoltaic system solution
Off grid photovoltaic system solution

Off grid photovoltaic power generation system is generally composed of photovoltaic cell module array composed of solar cell modules, solar controller, battery pack, off grid inverter, DC load and AC load. The solar panel is used to convert the solar energy into electric energy under the condition of light, supply power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller, and charge the battery at the same time; In overcast weather or no light, the battery pack supplies power to the DC load through the solar charge and discharge controller. At the same time, the battery also supplies power directly to the independent inverter, and the current is generated through the independent inverter inverter to supply power to the AC load.

Program features

● solar energy resources are inexhaustible, and the energy is huge
● safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emission, and clean
● it is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources and can take advantage of the building roof
● local power generation and supply without fuel consumption and transmission line erection

Scope of application
● remote mountainous areas
● areas without electricity
● Islands
● communication base station

System diagram