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Grid connected photovoltaic system solution
Grid connected photovoltaic power generation system is to connect the solar photovoltaic power generation system with the conventional power grid and jointly undertake the power supply task. When there is sunlight, the inverter reverses the DC power generated by the photovoltaic system into sinusoidal AC power. The generated AC power can be directly supplied to the AC load, and then input the remaining electric energy into the power grid, or directly integrate all the generated electric energy into the power grid. When there is no sun, the load power is supplied by the power grid. Grid connected solar power generation system is composed of photovoltaic cell module array, photovoltaic support, photovoltaic combiner box, grid connected inverter and other equipment, including distributed grid connection and centralized grid connection.

Program features
● green, low-carbon, outstanding environmental benefits
● it can be used by itself, effectively reduce the electricity cost, connect the remaining electricity to the grid, and have high investment benefit
● it is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources and can take advantage of the building roof
● good peak shaving performance and simple operation
● short construction period and short time to obtain energy

Scope of application
● home roof
● industrial and commercial roofs
● large scale photovoltaic power station
● wind solar complementary photovoltaic power station
System diagram