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Outdoor communication cabinet is a kind of outdoor cabinet. It refers to the cabinet made of metal or non-metallic materials directly under the influence of natural climate, which does not allow unauthorized operators to enter and operate, and provides outdoor physical working environment and safety system for wireless communication station or wired network station workstation.


● cabinet suitable for outdoor environment, such as roadside, park, roof, mountain area and flat ground. Base station equipment, power supply equipment, storage battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other supporting equipment can be installed in the cabinet, or installation space and heat exchange capacity can be reserved for the above equipment, which can provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection for the normal operation of internal equipment.

Dilemma of traditional base station construction

● the traditional base station machine room covers a large area, high energy consumption and low construction efficiency;

● traditional base station cabinet construction, the cabinet is scattered and difficult to manage and expand;

● miniaturize the traditional machine room, compact accommodation, and reduce the volume and floor area;

● according to the characteristics of communication equipment, conduct cabin division and low-power temperature control to save energy;

● the overall energy saving rate is 40 ~ 60%;

● standard rack, modular frame, plug-in frame installation, standard temperature control door, saving the amount of paving materials;

● modular cabin, side and back two-way expansion, flexible configuration and smooth capacity expansion;

● complete assembly or on-site assembly, fast installation and fast site coverage;

performance parameter

● overall dimension: 650 * 450 * 450mm

● EPS or PU composite sandwich panel cabin structure, and the thickness of sandwich panel shall not be less than 45mm;

● the overall thermal coefficient is less than 1.5W / (m k);

● meet the requirements of outdoor waterproof and dustproof level, and the active equipment cabin reaches IP65 level;

● flame retardancy of all materials shall meet class B2 of GB 8624-2006;

● wind resistance not less than 50m / S;

● the uniformly distributed load of the top plate is 1 ~ 2.5kn/m2;