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200A embedded switching power supply

Eton-6u48200a plug-in frame embedded switching power supply system is composed of cabinet power distribution, rectifier module (at least 1), and monitoring module. Refer to the following table for specific optional modules:

Optional configuration Rectifier module Maximum optional number of modules distribution Monitoring module remarks

Configuration 1 50A 4 AC power distribution: single-phase input, c-pole / 1 + 1 lightning protection;

Battery input: 100A * 2 (air switch);

Primary power down: 63A * 1, 32A * 1, 20A * 1, 16a * 1, 10a * 2 (air switch);

Secondary power down: 16A * 3, 10a * 3 (air switch)

Monitor Refer to module specification [download of 6U Specification] for specific indicators

1. Basic working principle

1) Single pole lightning protection system power supply from lightning or high voltage / surge damage;

2) AC distribution, single-phase AC input and relevant protection

3) The single-phase voltage is evenly distributed to the corresponding rectifier

4) The rectifier works in parallel to change AC into DC, which is connected to DC distribution through copper bar to charge DC electric equipment and batteries. According to the needs of users, 1-4 modules can be selected freely.

5) DC power distribution will output electric energy to the equipment and charge the battery, and provide the power down work of load and battery. Provide two battery interfaces and multiple load interfaces (the load interface can be configured freely according to the requirements of users).

6) When the mains power is off, the battery supplies power to the electrical equipment. When the battery voltage decreases to the set disconnection value of LVD power down (the disconnection value of LVD is 43.2v and the recovery value is 50V), the LVD disengaged load will be disconnected, and the controller will send a buzzer alarm and send alarm information to the upper computer or remote control center to disconnect the battery to prevent battery overdischarge

7) The controller monitors all real-time data and stores more than 1000 recent alarm information The controller will detect and monitor the output voltage and current, automatically accumulate the working time, detect the AC voltage and current, detect the status of each AC air switch, the status of lightning protection module, the status of each DC power distribution air switch, fuse and the parameters of each environmental monitoring quantity

8) The controller can control up to 32 modules. The power supply system is controlled by the controller and starts to work in the initial default parameter state or set parameter state. User parameters can be set through the controller keyboard or background PC. The operating parameters and status of the system can be displayed on the LCD of the controller or on the background PC. The system can realize remote monitoring through serial port connection, and can also form centralized monitoring through TCP / IP network. The system can also be easily networked with other environmental power control system equipment manufacturers.

9) The controller records the voltage, current and time of battery charging and discharging. The quality of the battery can be judged according to the charging and discharging curve of the battery.

10) The user can monitor and change the setting / status on site through LCD and keypad

11) When the background monitoring control fails, the control function of LCD will be used as a standby controller.

12) The controller sends data to the upper computer or remote monitoring center.

13) Users can change system settings or status remotely or locally through power monitoring software (a maximum of 255 base stations are allowed in remote case, which can be extended to 65535 base stations.)

14) The lightning protection function of the output realizes the perfect anti surge design.

2. Application field

It is applicable to small SPC exchange, access network, transmission equipment, mobile communication, satellite communication ground station, microwave communication power supply, 5g communication cabinet, 5g micro station power supply, and can also be used for power supply of other communication equipment.

3. Performance index of power supply system

Performance index of power supply system


parameter minimum typical maximum Company notes

Rated working voltage range 110/220 Vac

Input voltage range ninety two hundred and twenty two hundred and ninety Vac Three phase five wire input phase 380V / relative zero line 220VAC

Input frequency forty-three fifty sixty-seven Hz

Battery input forty-three point two fifty-three point five fifty-eight Vdc The positive and negative poles of the battery pack are connected in parallel with the DC output of the rectifier module (with the same polarity)


parameter minimum typical maximum Company notes

Output voltage range forty-two fifty-three point five fifty-eight Vdc

Output current range

(maximum current) 0 two hundred A Input 170 ~ 285vac. When the input voltage is lower than 170vac, output it in derating mode

Voltage stabilizing accuracy ±1 %

Load adjustment rate ±1 %

Source adjustment rate ±1 %

Current sharing ±5 %

Battery output 63A*2 100A*2 125A*2 A

Ripple (peak to peak) two hundred mv The bandwidth is 20MHz.

Output efficiency ninety-one ninety-three % 220VAC input


parameter minimum typical maximum Company notes

Input Overvoltage Protection three hundred Vac Self recovery

Input overvoltage protection recovery two hundred and ninety Vac

Input undervoltage protection eighty-five Vac Self recovery

Input undervoltage protection recovery ninety Vac

Output overvoltage protection fifty-eight point five fifty-nine sixty point five Vdc Lock up

Output short circuit protection It can be short circuited for a long time without battery and can recover automatically

4. Working environment requirements

Operating temperature: - 30 ~ 55℃

Storage temperature: - 40 ~ 70℃

ambient humidity: 0 ~ 80% ( 40±2℃ )

Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106KPA

Operating voltage: 40 ~ 60VDC

5. Application scenario