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60A embedded switching power supply

Eton-1u4860a plug-in frame embedded switching power supply is a new generation of highly reliable and high-performance communication power supply system designed by our company based on many years of development and online operation experience. The system can configure 10 / 15 / 20 / 30A power module according to user requirements, and the capacity can meet 10 ~ 90a. The system adopts the internationally popular 19 inch / 2U structure, which can be easily embedded into various communication equipment and cabinets. The system has wide input voltage range and working temperature range, high efficiency, hot plug function and convenient and fast maintenance! [1U specification Download]


1. Basic working principle

Under normal conditions of system power supply, various parameters of rectifier module and distribution unit are controlled by the monitoring module and work according to its predetermined parameters or user commands. In case of mains power failure, the system will be powered by the battery at this time. With the discharge of the battery, the battery terminal voltage begins to drop. When the battery voltage is lower than 46v, the upper computer (can set) the battery low-voltage alarm point, the monitoring module reports the alarm signal, directly turns off the load output, and the whole machine does not work. When the external mains power is restored, the system will return to normal working state (the above monitoring data is the system default value, and the user can reset it through the background).

The working ambient temperature of the power supply system is ≥ 55 ℃, and the power supply system will need to reduce power output

2. Application field

It is applicable to small SPC exchange, access network, transmission equipment, mobile communication, satellite communication ground station, microwave communication power supply, 5g communication cabinet, 5g micro base station power supply, and can be used for power supply of other communication equipment.

3. Performance index

performance index

(1) AC input

Rated input voltage: 220VAC

Input voltage range: 90 ~ 280VAC

Maximum input current: 20A

Frequency: 50Hz; 45~63HZ

Input power factor: ≥ 0.98

(2) Battery input

The positive and negative poles of the battery pack are connected in parallel with the DC output of the rectifier module (with the same polarity) and work in the floating charge or even charge state.

(3) DC output

Standard voltage: 54vdc

Voltage adjustable range: 42V ~ 58V

DC output current: 60A (176 ~ 290vac)

33A (151~175VAC)

22A (90~150VAC)

DC output: 1 circuit, 1 (load); 1 way (battery)

(4) DC output noise

Telephone weighing noise: ≤ 2mV

Broadband noise voltage: ≤ 100mV (3.4khz ~ 150kHz)

≤30mV (150KHz~30MHz)

Peak to peak noise voltage: ≤ 200mV (within 20MHz)

(5) Voltage stabilizing accuracy of power supply system: ≤± 1%

Load adjustment rate of power system: ≤± 1%

Adjustment rate of power supply system: ≤± 1%

(6) Working efficiency: ≥ 91% (220 VAC input)

≥ 87% (at 110VAC input)

(7) Other features:

Overshoot amplitude of dynamic response: ≤± 5%

Dynamic response recovery time: ≥ 10ms

Current sharing Unbalance: ≤± 5%

(8) Insulation resistance:

Insulation resistance between DC part, AC part and casing ≥ 10m Ω (test voltage 500VDC)

Leakage current < 3.5ma

(9) Insulation strength:

Apply 50Hz AC voltage 2500vac to AC input and DC output parts, leakage current ≤ 10mA, and there is no breakdown and arcing in one minute; Apply 50Hz AC voltage 2500vac to the AC part and casing, leakage current ≤ 10mA, and there is no breakdown and arcing in one minute; Apply 50Hz AC voltage 1000VAC between DC output and casing, leakage current ≤ 10mA, and there is no breakdown and arcing in one minute.

(10) Protection function

project Company Yes / no minimum value Typical value Maximum Recovery characteristics

Input overvoltage alarm Vdc have two hundred and eighty-five two hundred and ninety-five three hundred and five Recovery return difference 10 ± 5V

Input undervoltage alarm Vdc have eighty-five ninety ninety-five

Input Overvoltage Protection Vdc have three hundred three hundred and fifteen Self recovery, return difference 10 ± 5V

Input undervoltage protection Vdc have seventy-five eighty-five

Output overvoltage alarm V have fifty-eight fifty-nine Recovery return difference 1V

Output undervoltage alarm V have forty-six point five forty-seven forty-seven point five Recovery return difference 1V

Output overvoltage protection V have fifty-nine sixty Non self recoverable

Battery power down protection V have forty-two point five forty-three forty-three point five Recovery return difference 2.5-3v

Ambient high temperature alarm ℃ have forty-five fifty fifty-five Recovery return difference 3 ℃

Ambient low temperature alarm ℃ have - fifteen - ten - five

Short circuit protection A have It can be short circuited for a long time; Burping works after detecting a short circuit. If the module output is still short circuited after burping for 5min, it will be shut down

(11) Mechanical characteristics:

Cooling mode: forced cooling by fan

System size (length) × deep × Height): 482.6MM × 253mm × 43.6mm

Total system weight: ≤ 8kg (with module)

≤ 3kg (without module, rack + power distribution)

5. Working environment requirements

Operating temperature: - 30 ~ 55℃

Storage temperature: - 40 ~ 70℃

ambient humidity: 0 ~ 80% ( 40±2℃ )

Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106KPA

Operating voltage: 40 ~ 60VDC