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Overview of et-wzdy-30-50 MicroStation power supply

Et-wzdy-30-50 MicroStation power supply is a 3000W MicroStation power supply system developed by our company for 5g base station. The power supply system can not only efficiently convert AC220V / DC48V, but also operate normally for 2-5 hours under the condition of mains power failure, and various installation methods.

The power supply of et-wzdy-30-50 MicroStation is composed of 3000W DC48V embedded switching power supply, dc48v50ah lithium iron phosphate battery, distribution power supply, etc.


Applicable scenario

Et-wzdy-30-50 MicroStation power supply is applicable to small SPC exchanges, access networks, transmission equipment, mobile communication, satellite communication ground stations, microwave communication power supply, and other communication equipment.

Basic working principle

Under normal conditions, the mains power passes through the lightning arrester, then through the air switch control, and finally enters the embedded switching power supply. After rectification by two 30A rectifier modules, it supplies DC48V power to the equipment and charges the iron lithium battery.

In case of power failure, the lithium iron battery supplies power to the equipment after rectification

1.4 technical parameters

working voltage :AC180V~AC275V

Rated power :3000W

working frequency: 0Hz±10

output voltage :3.5VDC

Output current: 0-60A

Output efficiency: ≥ 91% or 95% (optional)

Battery capacity :50AH

Charging curren:t 0.2C

working temperature :- 40-55℃

Working humidity :0%RH~90%RH

Altitude: 0~3000m

Dimensions: 600mm*550mm*780mm

Weight: ≤55KG